Biography Of Famous Blackjack Players

Popular Blackjack players –Biographies:

We all know how the players love Blackjack. Blackjack has become the most common game in casinos. In this article, we will check out the popular blackjack players and learn about their biographies

Al FrancescoAl Francesco

If you are an avid lover of Blackjack then you must have heard the name of AI Francesco a million number of times. Francesco was a member of the Blackjack hall of fame since 2002. He invested many techniques that are still in use for instance the ‘Big Player’ was introduced by him. He owns a website where you can get more familiar with the tips and strategies of Blackjack

Lawrence Revere

The first card counting book was penned down by this successful author. Lawrence has helped the players by teaching them many strategies. Some of the strategies given by Lawrence are still popular.

Max Rubin

This person is only a member of the Blackjack hall of fame but also he is the host of the annual blackjack ball. He gave unique ideas on spotting cheaters at the blackjack table.

Peter griffin

Peter Griffin is renowned for his mathematical contributions in Blackjack. During the start of his career, he used to spend a lot of time discovering the mathematical aspects of the game.

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Arnold Snyder

Arnold was also a member of the Blackjack hall of fame. He has written many Blackjack books so far. One of the favorite books from Arnold is Blackbelt in Blackjack. The book has gained huge popularity amongst blackjack lovers.

Edward O Thorp 

This math professor invested many techniques and strategies. He has become a popular name in the history of Blackjack.

Ken Uston

He was an active member in the Blackjack hall of fame. He is renowned for his quick wit and the different strategies that he has invented.

Stanford Wong

Also known as John Ferguson. He penned down the popular book Professor Blackjack.

Tommy Hyland

The Hyland team of card counters is being managed by this popular person. He is not only known for being a great mathematician but is also an inspiring leader.

Keith Taft

This person invented the first Blackjack computer.

Richard W Munchkin

This popular radio host has written many books on gambling. If you love blackjack and if you are a regular visitor to the casino, then you must already be familiar with his name. Richard had invented many Blackjack strategies that are used even today.

Julian Braun

Julian Braun simplified the basic strategy for the novice players. He is also a a popular name in the Blackjack history.